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All campers have morning instructional swim & afternoon free swim. All children are tested before they swim to determine where they should be properly placed for their swim lessons and free swim. Children are allowed to use Goggles.

Younger Children /Non-Swimmers:

Three to almost four years old is a coed group. The ratio with the youngest group is 3 children to one counselor. Many hands are needed to help change the campers before and after swim. Younger children and non-swimmers, swim in the shallow end of the pool. The depth of the water is 30 inches. Children must be able to comfortably stand with the water chest high. Certified lifeguards/water safety instructors teach and supervise the pool. Counselors are required to swim with the children or stand in the pool with the non swimmers. Campers begin with one on one instruction, depending on comfort level. When there is no swimming, the pool is protected by a code fence and is safely locked.


Pathfinder has a small beautiful beach. The beach is located on a freshwater lake, Fort Pond Lake. Children will kayak and stand up paddleboard twice a week.  Sailing is offered to children 12-13 off-premises at Puff and Putt. Pathfinder uses smaller boats for children who are non-swimmers. There is a shallow cribbed area for the younger children to boat.

All children and staff wear lifejackets when boating, There is a boating instructor and lifeguard on the beach when children are scheduled to go boati

Boating: Younger Ages/Non-Swimmers:

 The children have boating 2 X's per week. Pathfinder has a small beach with a  shallow cribbed area.  Children are taught boating safety rules and everyone wears a life jacket. The children use small, kid friendly, age appropriate, sit in boats, wear life jackets and do not go outside the crib area.Counselors, lifeguard & boating instructor stand in the shallow water supervising and playing with the children.

Snack & Lunch & Treats:

Children arrive at camp and are greeted by a Director and their counselor. Counselors will collect lunch. Please send lunch Monday-Thursday? All lunches are

refrigerated. We are a nut free camp, please no peanut butter or tree nuts. Pathfinder will provided snacks for the younger children, Annie's organics' and fresh fruit. Cookout is every Friday, beef hamburgers & beef hot dogs. Beverages are provided. There are several water stations available all day. Gatorade is available at lunch in addition to water.Children enjoy Chloe's ices or ice cream at the end of each camp day. Any food restrictions, please speak with Nancy.  We don't allow candy or gum at camp.

Groups Age/ Grade/ Gender:

The children at Pathfinder are separated by age, grade & gender. 

The children change to swim two times per day. We have found through years of experience, boys & girls enjoy having their own separate age/gender groups, with a private bunk to change and leave their belongings.

Younger Campers: Ages 4 - 6 years:

In addition to the activities listed on our website, the younger children will enjoy sandbox play, snack, music, art (3 times/week), chalk board, scooters, lego's , puzzles & story time. 

Sports/ Camp Activities:

Groups are given schedules each morning to follow. If a child does not like an activity, we encourage them to play. Children may not choose their own schedules. They can make requests to Nancy for extra activities they enjoy. Swimming is mandatory at camp. The pool is heated for the campers comfort.

Play dates:

Play dates are required to be planned the day before and not the day of camp. Nancy must be notified by email who will be picking up the children from camp. ID is required to take the children. If there are additional questions, please discuss with Nancy.

Pets At Camp:

We do not allow pets at camp. The Directors have rescue dogs that live at Pathfinder. Visiting dogs are not welcome by the Pathfinder canine crew! The Pathfinder pups do a wonderful job keeping our children safe from any unexpected visitor. You are always welcome to visit camp but please call the number at the gate and a director will meet you.

Unhappy Camper?

The directors at Pathfinder are present at all times. If your child is experiencing an unhappy day at camp, please call or email Nancy. Your child should come home happy every day. Please be in touch immediately. No issue is too small for a campers happiness.


At this current time Pathfinder will not provide transportation. Parents will drop children off at 8:40 and pick up time is 2:45.

We are hoping in 2022 we can add busing again.